Healing Treatment

Over 15 years I have used my treatment to help people dealing with:

  • grief due to end of relationships, life changes and death, suicide, the human condition
  • all manner of shock and trauma
  • fertility issues 
  • phobias, anxiety and depression 
  • mental illnesses 
  • the effects of cancer treatments
  • adjusting to life changes
  • children’s myriad of anxiety issues (age 8-18) 

During the session
I never know exactly where a session is going to go, but the basic outline is that once you are settled comfortably on my treatment bed I will place my hands on your feet. While my hands are touching your feet I begin to listen to your body and then we will begin to work together. This may involve you being fully relaxed or some discussion or a mixture of both. Once the relevant issue has been worked on the session comes to a natural end.

I work in both Henley and London.
The first session will last for 1.5 hour, all subsequent sessions are 1 hour.

  • Henley
    First session £120
    Follow up session £80

  • London – home visits
    Please contact me, as prices are based on location.

If you would like to buy a session as a gift for someone, digital gift vouchers are available by email.