I’m Valesca Borlase and I have spent the past 15 years treating thousands of clients and learning how to reset, rebalance and release what’s ‘not right’ for them.

In the same way that a seed needs no instruction beyond its own energy source to grow into a mighty Oak, you have all the information inside you, that you need to grow. We seem to have forgotten how to access this information by ourselves and this is where I help you.

By increasing our knowledge of our minds (thoughts) and our emotions (feelings) we learn about ourselves and become more able to cope with situations that create uncomfortable feelings or even illness in our bodies.

If you would like a better understanding and control of yourself, please get in contact.

“The best effects come to those who are ready
and wanting to change”

About me

Early on in life it became clear to me that through even the slightest of upset, we learn coping mechanisms, or beliefs that help us to ‘survive’.

Healing treatment

While my hands are touching your feet I begin to listen to your body and then we will begin to work together. 


“Best address-book secret: An amazing reflexologist, called Valesca Borlase. I have never been one for alternative therapy, but she worked wonders.
Emily Mortimer, Actress

To book your healing session

Phone: 07503 151489

Email: info@valescaborlase.co.uk

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