About me

Why I do what I do
Early on in life it became clear to me that through even the slightest of upset, we learn coping mechanisms, or beliefs that help us to ‘survive’. We hold on to these beliefs, even when they are no longer relevant. 

These beliefs can affect our mental health –they can cause depression, a feeling of being alone, feeling overwhelmed or confused. These beliefs can also have a knock on affect to us physically – in so many ways. 

Over time I have developed a treatment that helps you to discover where your belief blocks are and to unravel how they could be used more easily or even changed.

The health benefits follow on automatically. You become free to be the best version of yourself – as you’ve always known you can be, without ‘carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders’, ‘without stifling your true desires’, without ‘bottling it all up’. The world will feel a happier and easier place to exist.

As your mind frees from resistance to beliefs that no longer fit, your body responds to the new messages being received from your brain and responds to the new thoughts that you have (daily in their thousands). Allowing your body to return to its natural state of wellness. 

The power of my treatment comes from a combination of touch and talk, reconnecting our minds to our bodies, allowing the changes to occur effortlessly. A true and real transformation happens. 

Education and Qualifications
After years of academic study – completing a Business Degree followed by a child Psychology Degree – I felt a calling to use my hands and to learn some form of bodywork. 

I trained with the IIR (International Institute of Reflexology) in Regents Park College under Hagar Basis, one of the leading reflexologists of today. Her expert teaching proved invaluable in the foundation of my treatment. I have found that in the majority of cases, underlying the illnesses in those that come to me are emotional blocks or limiting ‘beliefs’. 

I live in Henley upon Thames with my two daughters. I love spending my free time quietly, whether that be walking in the woods, pottering in my garden or being on the water. Being so close to the River Thames and Chiltern Hills this is luckily very easy for me.